Which adventure did you choose? And what are the next steps?

A Teleclass?
Many of the classes I create include access to a private Facebook page.
We will need to be Facebook buddies for me to add you to the group!
Please be sure to connect with me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/monica.m.gilliam

A free 15 minute initial consultation?
Cool! Let's see what we can uncover, and if you and I are the team to do it!
Please schedule your session by emailing: monica@monicamatagilliam.com
Let me know where you are in the world, what your time zone is, and some options that work for you.

Please keep in mind that distance sessions are primarily done via zoom. So, make certain to suggest times when you will have a reliable internet connection and that you have zoom all set up on your computer.

If, for any reason, you cannot access the internet or this particular setup does not work for you, we can schedule a phone consultation. Please make certain to send me your phone number as soon as possible!

A Private Session or coaching package?
Same steps as the the 15 minute consultation... let's find a time that works for us to create!