How long since you rolled around on the floor? Or ran down a hill? Do you remember the last delicious flavor you tasted? Or dear friend you hugged? 

Here we all are, on this magnificent planet that feeds, shelters, and generously nurtures us. And yet, so many people are suffering. What's that all about? ...And what else is possible?!

What if the difficulties you face could be eased? The burdens you carry, lifted?

Are you ready to let go of your pains, woes, regrets, and traumas? ...even if the people around you are committed to creating misery? What would it take, I wonder, for you to begin to savor the joys of embodiment? 

Or does that all sound too simple? I mean, who am I to even suggest such a thing?! If you could have so easily untangled yourself from the knots you're twisted in, wouldn't you have done so by now?

You know what? Quite often the knotted areas in our lives have less to do with the details of any particular situations and more to do with the energy underneath them all. What would your life be like if you were to cultivate your awareness of the energies swirling all around you all the time? 


Whether you prefer to watch a video, read a book, take a class or receive a session, there is more available for you to discover, explore, and receive... RIGHT AWAY!

All you ever need do is ask.

  • Monica's remarkable ability to feel what is going on in and around me empowers me to acknowledge energies so subtle I don't have words for them. And she gently communicates when I am acknowledging something, then invites me to notice the smallest shifts. I cannot describe the poignancy of this support, of feeling known. Regardless how sticky, thorny, foggy, or perplexing the energy we look at together, she easily, even playfully, clarifies and untangles it-- or rather, somehow gets ME to do it!
    — Emily Smith
  • I have been receiving acupuncture weekly by Monica for over six months now, and the gratitude I have for the ways she has brought growth to my life spiritually and health-wise is endless. Monica is a truly talented practitioner- intuitive, attentive, genuine, present, magical and empowering.
    — Amanda Stone
  • The treatments and techniques I received from Monica are valued at priceless! I’m continuing with self-healing daily and have been so inspired that I’m very seriously considering dedicating my life to some form of energy healing. I can’t express enough in words how incredible the whole experience has been for me. My family and friends also notice and appreciate the positive impact this has had on my and their lives. Go see Monica! Allow her to show you how to let all the physical pain and mental anguish go and then begin to receive more healing and power than you ever imagined possible!!
    — Jared Dotson
  • There are few people in the world I can count on to never judge me and be with me and whatever's coming up in my world. Monica is one of those few people and she is often one of the first I turn to when I'm twisted up and require a gentle presence to help me unlock and unwind. She's also one of the people I look to when I'd like to celebrate the joy of living with too!
    — Donna Salemink
  • Monica is unlike any other acupuncturist I have ever worked with. Her understanding of the body is well beyond the standard of care and she has always been able to treat my symptoms. I worked with Monica for 3 years and left every treatment with a great sense of ease. My symptoms were often completely abated. I am someone who generally dislikes needles and Monica was always gentle and dispelled any fears I had. Sincerely I can say it is difficult to find someone who has such a high capacity for care matched with such a thorough understanding of medicine.
    — Ryan Law