What life have you been creating on this glorious Earth?
What if you could include all of your awareness to create WITH the consciousness of the Earth?

Join Access Consciousness® and Talk To The Entities® Certified Facilitator, Monica Mata Gilliam, on a 12 week journey into greater communion with the Earth.

You are welcome to drop in each week or to choose the entire series.
Drop-ins are just $15 a class, or you can choose the entire 3 month series for $120!!!
For details, head over to this page!

What fun can we have spreading the joys of creating with the Earth?

Now through March 25th, post an image and a sentence (or combine an image and words into a fancy graphic) to Facebook about what moves you to be more present with the Earth.

Be sure to include #earthmovement in your post and you will be entered into a contest to win $300 of credit with Monica that can be used for sessions or future classes, for you or a friend.

There is no limit to the number of posts you can submit. Whether you post one or one million, let's discover what invitation we can be for others to explore the joys available to us all with the Earth!

AND... for those of you who would like to receive a replay of the hour-long introduction to this series that occurred on March 12, 2018, send a request with your email to monica@monicamatagilliam.com