Personal Facilitation

Please email to schedule a session!


Lightning Session

When you are ready to let go of your story and jump right into the heart of what is going on. These lightning sessions can change everything faster than you might imagine!! 

Duration: 15 minutes
Price: $75

En Pointe Session

Yes, that was a total dance nerd joke!! Please be ready to laugh at my jokes as we dive into the possibilities available to you. How much fun can you have shifting the difficulties you are facing? If you could change anything at all, what would you choose? You ready? This session is quick, so let's get to the point! (Ha! See?? Hilarious already!)

Duration: 30 minutes
Price: $150 USD

You are welcome to email me to schedule a session, or pay now and we'll schedule a time that works for you!

The Whole Spectrum Session

What if shifting your perspective could allow you to see something else entirely? What lenses are you using to view your world? For those times you are feeling extra stuck or when you simply know that you require more time to create clarity.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $300 USD

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Where, oh where, can we go?
What else is truly possible for you to create?
What would your life be like if you had some added assistance?


When you're ready to change your whole world and looking for an ally to walk through the tricky (and the glorious) parts with you, we can create a longer term package just for you!

Just reach out!! I am here and ready to join your team!
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