Free and easy movement is at the root of all wellness.
As Chinese Medicine so eloquently indicates, where there is no movement there is pain.

Are you familiar with this reality? Where have you encountered the pains of being stuck? In your shoulders? In your hips? In your career? In your relationship?

Do not be mistaken: Movement (or the lack of movement) is not limited to our bodies... it flows through and around us! We exist within a vast playground of moving, swirling energies. These energies take shape through our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, the circulation of our blood, the flexing of our feet, and so much more! In fact, the very molecules that comprise our bodies and the seemingly solid ground on which we stand are all presently dancing around!! How amazing is that!?!

Any relative immobility can often be moved through more easily than you might imagine. Through our awareness we can all connect to and open the movements of our minds, bodies, and emotions, thereby alleviating the discomforts of stagnation. There are many ways to cultivate our awareness: meditation, receiving bodywork, dancing around, or simply asking questions... What works for you?? What gets you moving??

An invitation to move through the world with your senses open!

The Moving With Awareness series began in February of 2017 and led to the creation of this Dancing With Consciousness class.

I find it amazing how the little things we do (like going on walks and being present with the world) can be the seeds for creation beyond what we might immediately imagine. How does it get any better than that?!

And, I wonder...what invitation can the little choices in your life be the creation of possibilities far greater than anything you might predict?

How would my body like to move??
Do you ever ask this question?
What would your life be like if you were to include the awareness your body can gift to you??

Which way is the easy way?

Moving Beyond Your Body's Pains and Problems

Your Body and Space

Alright, everyone... good luck with this video!!
The internet ghosts were not very cooperative as I was shooting it and so the video quality is actually quite horrible.
But! The sound is alright and apparently there are a few useful gems in there.
So, here it is.
Check it out if you dare.

Moving With Awareness-- In Sweden!!