What JOYFUL embodiment do you know is possible?

What do the Nature Spirits know about embodiment that you could PLAY with now?
What do YOU know about embodiment that the Nature Spirits could play with now?
Are you willing to step into greater communion with all types of embodiment???!!!

September 11-October 10, 2017
every morning at 9am Eastern time
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    Join Talk To The Entities® and Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Monica Mata Gilliam, for 30 days of expanding your communion with the spirits of nature and your body.

    When you join us, you will receive:

    • A live Energy Pull with Monica Mata Gilliam, Every Day for 30 Days
    • Video Replay and MP3 Audio Recording of Each Pull Every Day
    • Private Facebook Community to Ask Questions and Interact Daily

    And look! More on Nature Spirits!!!

    Talk To The Entities® Facilitator Liam Phillips invites you to explore your capacities of gifting and receiving with nature spirits. What can your presence and awareness contribute to creating more consciousness with the spirit world? Would you be willing to step forward and contribute to a thriving, joyful Earth?

    September 27, 2017
    7pm EDT

    For your time in the world, click on this link.

    Here's a chat Liam and I had recently on Nature Spirits

    Or, you can choose to take part in both adventures for 10% OFF!

    Yep, Monica and Liam would love to invite you to more than you might have imagined possible with the Spirits of Nature...for the cool price of $333.



    And, for those of you who just can't wait to dive in...
    here is a free, hour-long class I did recently on
    Being Present with the Spirits of Nature


    Here are several videos from recent classes. 
    21 Days of Pulling Energy with the Earth and the Spirits of Nature

    The first day of the 30 Days of Nature Spirits and Embodiment
    as well as a conversation with Ruth Bartlett

    Pour les francophones

    And for any of you who would like to join the Receiving From Nature Spirits Facebook page, just head over here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/146459012611460/