Dancing With Consciousness
30 Days of Expanding Communion With and Through Your Body

Do you enjoy having a body?
How many points of view about bodies are you aware of?
What is possible beyond the judgment and rejection of bodies?

And movement... what does movement mean to you?
Are the movements of your body limited?Is movement limited to your body only?

So many questions!!!

What if you could receive the joys of embodiment in every moment?
What would it be like to DANCE THROUGH LIFE?
Are you willing to play with your body more?
Are you willing to move with the entire world?
What possibilities for greater communion with and through your body are available to you now?
What would you like to choose and to create?

Join Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator Monica Mata Gilliam for 30 days of exploring the possibilities of conscious embodiment for your body and your being.

What is included in this month-long class?
30 days of videos exploring exercises designed to expand both the physical and energetic choices available for the creation of your life, living, and reality as an embodied being.
All 5 of the past Moving With Awareness classes
Access to the private, Dancing Through Life Facebook group 
And... a step toward a totally different possibility with your body!!
What else is possible now???


This class was held for the month of June 2017
The entire class series can be purchased for $300 and will enable you to access the membership areas on this site.