August 11-31, 2017,
every morning at 9am Eastern time
For your time in the world, click on this link.

Class Cost: $150

What are all of the energies that this glorious Earth holds?
What would your life be like if you were to pull and flow these energies through your body, your life, and beyond?
And what contribution can you be energetically to this great and generous planet of ours?

AND...what about all of the many nature spirits in this world? Do you ever chat with them? Play with them? Ask them what they know? What they desire?

Join Talk To The Entities® and Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Monica Mata Gilliam, for 21 days of expanding your connection with the Earth and the spirits of nature.

Each day, Monica will host a 20 minute long exercise via Facebook live. All videos will be stored on a private Facebook group where members in the 21 days can ask questions, give feedback, and encourage each other to step into greater possibilities not yet imagined.

And as a special bonus, this class will include the audio of a class Liam Phillips and I recently co-facilitated in Budapest on the nature spirits.