Just in time for Thanksgiving!

What would it create if you chose to gift your loved ones and yourself a gentle, nurturing bodywork session? What caring, transformative energies can you contribute to your family this holiday season?

You are warmly invited to a day-long workshop of Access Consciousness® The Bars.  This simple system includes 32 points on the head that when touched lightly can clear stuck energies from your body and your life!

Get ready to clear the clutter!

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Have you always known that life could be greater than the people around you have been choosing?
What would you like to change and to create that you have not yet chosen?
What if stepping into the life, living, and reality you truly desire were easier than you've ever imagined possible?

Are you ready to step into the adventure of creating a life that works for you??
If so, join me for a completely world-changing 4 days of exploring the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness® in Atlanta, Georgia!!
Prerequisite: Access Consciousness® The Bars

What if entities are all around us and it is natural and normal to see them, perceive them, sense them and even communicate with them?

Many people are made wrong and driven to varying levels of angst, depression and in severe cases insanity by their un-acknowledged and misunderstood capacities with the spirit world. If you are one of these people or know someone who is, then Talk to The Entities is for you!

Join Certified Facilitators, Alison Cox and Monica Mata Gilliam, for Talk To The Entities Beginning where you will learn how to develop your own awareness and change the way you see and work with the spirit world.

Class Details:
Talk To The Entities Intro class
7-9pm November 24, 2017

*Cost: $75 (Free if taking full weekend)
Location: New York, NY (exact location tba)

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TTTE Beginning class
10:00am-5:00pm November 25-26, 2017
*Cost: $1000 ($500 if repeat within 12 months)
New York, NY (exact location tba)
Prerequisites: TTTE Intro and Access Bars®