The following list of classes have been and will again be offered at The Listening School.
Please email us to let us know what you are interested in studying!
Perhaps you will be the catalyst for a new class beginning or for an old class returning!

All classes taught by Mônica Mata Gilliam, unless otherwise indicated.

A Taste of Access®
This evening class offers an introduction to some of the basic tools, techniques and processes of Access Consciousness®.  The target of Access is to facilitate greater awareness of what is possible for you as you create your life. Bring any and all questions and let's discover what we can shift and change with ease. What would it take to create more freedom for yourself? Find out what Access is about and come and play in the energy of Consciousness.

Access Consciousnesss®- The Bars®
Access Consciousness® is a pragmatic system that seeks to facilitate greater consciousness with total ease.  The Bars®  is the first class in the Access curriculum.  In it students learn a simple protocol of gently touching 32 points on the head that assist in clearing energies stuck in the body.
This is a full day class. Fee: $300.
Half price if repeating the class within 12 months or for those aged 16 and 17.
Kids 15 and younger are free with a paying adult.

Access Consciousnesss® The Foundation
Once you have taken a Bars class, you are invited to dive in even deeper! In Foundation you will begin to see the points of view that limit you and what you can change that would allow you to function from question, choice, possibility, and contribution. This class provides dozens of tools, including hands-on body processes that allow you to change anything that isn’t working for you in your life.
Prerequisites: Access Bars®
This is a 4 day class. Fee: $1400
Half price if repeating the class within 12 months or for those aged 16 and 17. 
Kids 15 and younger are free with a paying adult. 

Being Happy
What makes you happy? What keeps you from being happy? Are you willing to be happier than everyone around you? Are you willing to enjoy your life? Let's take a look at what lies underneath the choices you are making for happiness.

Being Present with Your Life
Where are all of the places that you are feeling overwhelmed by your life? What is the life that you are creating? What would it be like to be dynamically, potently present in your life? What would you change if you could change anything? Come explore what it takes to live your life from conscious choice. Explore your willingness to be aware and to see yourself with kindness.

Access Consciousness®- Body Processes
These classes act as an invitation to more ease, more gentleness, more potency and more fun with your body and with other bodies. Each class will focus on a different energy that can be utilized to help the unlock the body. Playing with these processes is yet another way you can begin to recognize that you have hands-on healing abilities. You can change all kinds of things with people’s bodies and your own!

Hands on the Body
In this 4 week series we will dive ever deeper into the language of the body.  These classes will explore a variety of hands-on techniques that enable us to hear what the body is saying and to easily, gently respond with our innate healing capacities.

**Students cannot enroll after the first week of class without the consent of the teacher.

Healing 101
Have you ever wondered what it means to be a healer? What is healing energy? And how do you engage it? In this class, we will explore fundamental approaches to being present for the transformation of ourselves and each other, beyond modalities and techniques. Come discover your innate healing gifts!

Hey, Money! Let's Have Some Fun!
What if I were to tell you that your attitude towards money influences directly the amount of creativity and happiness you can have in your life? Money is neither the source or the cause, it is simply an energy that exists and that you can use to increase the amount of fun you have working, playing, creating and influencing big and small changes in your world and the world around you.

Are you willing to uncover the fixed points of view you have about money and change what is not working for you?
Let's explore!!

Listening To The Body: hands on tools for bodyworkers and lovers of bodies
Every BODY comes into this world equipped with its own, unique consciousness and many profound capacities to fluidly arrange and rearrange its structure as required and desired.  Our bodies are constantly speaking to us! This class will introduce a range of osteopathic, acupuncture, and energy based assessment tools as a springboard for expanding your innate awareness of the language of the body. Are there any capacities that you have with bodies that you have not been claiming, owning, and acknowledging? Would you be willing to approach the body from a space of gratitude, ready to hear what it is saying?

Manual Thermal Diagnosis (MTD)
MTD is a method that utilizes sensitivity to temperature changes to identify dysfunction within the body. It is useful across a wide spectrum of health disciplines, and augments other forms of diagnosis. You can listen with your hands!

Moving with Ease
Come explore a simple approach to finding greater ease with everyday movements.  Whether you are a dancer, a musician, or an office worker this class offers practical techniques for increasing your physical dexterity. (P.S. I'm so excited to teach this class!!)

Sensing Your Environment
Have you ever walked into a room and gotten a strong sense the space itself? Whether it was a church, a movie theater or an alleyway, what have you been aware of that made you curious? Learn to trust your senses and to interact with energies around you in new and dynamic ways.

Talk To The Entities Introduction
Talk to the Entities Introductions are two-hour live classes conducted around the world. They are a great way to get your feet wet with the tools of Talk to the Entities and begin to see the breadth and depth of this work.
Prerequisites: None! The Intro classes are open to anyone with an interest!
Fee: $75

Talk To The Entites A Whole New World
This two-day class and is a unique opportunity to develop and build your abilities and capacities with the spirit world, evolving into an infinite spectrum of awareness and information you can use to facilitate not only yourself, but also others with greater ease.
Prerequisites: Access Bars® and the TTTE Intro class
Fee: $1000

Types of Touch
What if you carried within you all of the nurturing, caring, healing, expansive, creative, generative, and even orgasmic energy that the body truly desires? What if your kind touch has the ability to create new possibilities for the problems, pains, and diseases that we each carry? Come explore the many Types of Touch that are available to each of us!

Your Body Is Speaking  
Have you ever been accused of being "too sensitive?" Is your body "talking" to you via pains, anxieties, or other unexplained symptoms? What if you could play with your senses rather than suffer them? What if your body could teach you how to enjoy your life? Come revel with us in the awareness our bodies have to offer.