Access Consciousness® utilizes verbal clearings and thorough, personal investigation combined with light, energetic bodywork to change any area of your life that is not working for you. It provides you with an enormous toolbox that can assist you in Accessing greater Consciousness... hence, the name.

The tools and techniques of Access are SIMPLE and PRAGMATIC! Thank goodness. They are all aimed at facilitating greater awareness and empowering people to create lives that really work for them in a world that thrives. Does that sound too easy? It is!! 


I came across Access as if by accident. I had opened my acupuncture practice in Louisiana and was not seeing as much change with my patients as I knew could be possible. All of the tricks and techniques I used to create change in my own life were too difficult for me to put into words without talking my patients ears off!

I was frustrated and started asking myself a bunch of soul-searching questions. Maybe acupuncture wasnt what I imagined it would be. Maybe it was time for me to go back to dancing or gardening or something else. And then, one day I went down an internet rabbit hole and found a video of Dr. Dain Heer (one of the co-founders of Access) using the Access Clearing Statement. It was this long, gibberish-sounding sentence that totally caught my attention. I found an explanation of it online and was blown away!!! Here was a shortcut to clearing away all the muck that stands in the way of changing the energy underneath the problems of our lives.

I started playing with the Clearing Statement in my life and with my patients and everything began to change more quickly and easily than I ever imagined possible!!

What's even more exciting is that the co-founders of Access, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, are constantly developing Access and allowing new insights and awarenesses to keep things dynamic and growing. This makes Access a very alive, non-stagnant system. There is no doctrine, no guru. It is all about empowering you to know what you know and that you know. It is about realizing you can be the creator of your life, the only person you have to follow is yourself. Not me, not Access, not Gary, not Dain. You!!

What areas of your life would you like to change?  Is now the time to step into the world that you know is possible?

 If you would like more info about Access, please follow this link.